History of creation

Royal Phone is a Russian brand of exclusive custom-designed smartphones.

Founded two years ago, Royal Phone has more than once affirmed its commitment to the highest quality standards and implemented over 1,000 individual projects inspired and driven by other people’s need to find a perfect present. This is where it all began.

The main value of any Royal Phone is emotions that it evokes.

Royal Phone
Royal Phone
Our customers

Those who feel fed up with globalized fashion deprived of individuality, mass market items, and boring devices. Our customers want to live their life to the fullest and rejoice in each moment of it.

Royal Phone
Our product uniqueness

Luxuriously customized iPhones combining individual design and precious materials treated with a sophisticated technique.

Royal Phone

Our work

Each customized Royal Phone is assembled and packed individually.

Our craftsmen choose exclusive finishing materials such as titanium, gold, carbon fiber, precious stones and genuine leather, etc.

We engage professional designers and jewelers to turn any device into a masterpiece.

When creating a Royal Phone we apply special embossing, engraving techniques, as well as encrusting with precious stones.

About Royal Phone
We are driven by emotions

Royal Phone gifts present great value. According to multiple studies, a person spends on average about five hours per day on their devices, with their smartphone checked 85 times per day. Imagine someone thinking of you so many times as they take your present in their hands. And this will be nothing but pleasant thoughts. There are few other ways to achieve that.

Such gift will be appropriate for you loved one as well as for your boss, a company’s CEO, your business partner, etc. It is indeed a universal gift.

Our mission

We want to create exclusive accessories for those who have everything and want to experience something completely new. Royal Phone is a great opportunity to demonstrate you identity and perfect taste.

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Order an Iphone with an individual design